Bridge Cranes

Bridge cranes move material across industrial environments. Many industries use bridge cranes for their manufacturing and maintenance operations. For lifting, moving and accurate positioning, depending on the purpose, there is a choice of two bridge crane designs.

Two types of bridge crane designs

  • - The first type is a crane system from where the bridge is fixed to a set of trolleys which run precise in the longitudinal tracks. This bridge crane design is suitable for integration into a monorail circuit or for precise positioning above a dipping tank or machines.
  • - The second bridge crane type is a design where the bridge is flexible suspended under the trolley sets. This solution enables the operator to move the bridge and load around obstacles.

Both bridge crane constructions are built from standard components and are easy to assemble, to extend or to modify with bolted joints.

Bridge crane variants

Besides the standard bridge cranes we design cranes to specific customer specifications. Like a bridge cross crane joint with a drop/lift section for a carpenter factory. By using bolted safety components load can be safely transferred from a bridge crane to a monorail system without problems.

Double beam bridge cranes are used for bigger loads and are available as a standard option.