Power & Free system with interruption mechanism at Piron (Be)

Railtechniek recently installed a Power & Free system at Piron in Thimister-Clermont, Belgium.  Piron is specialized in the treatment and finishing of products for various industries such as the aerospace industry.

In order to improve the handling of the products, Piron asked Railtechniek to install a conveyor system which guides the products through the spray booths and oven. In order to close off the spray booth from the surrounding area, Railtechniek has engineered the track in such a way that it can be interrupted in three places. This is because the track can be folded down on three tracks. The system also includes a drop section with a vertical guide, which ensures that the product is kept in balance during lifting and lowering. The system also includes two distribution bridges cranes with hoists to lift/lower products up to a weight of 500 kg.